Monday, May 26, 2014

18 Mischievous Animals Who Should Be The Star Of Their Own Action Movie

With all the big blockbuster action movies coming out this summer, it seems that none of them feature any animals as the star or hero. This may seem like a strange thought, but whatever happened to the super-star animals who saved the world from disaster? Maybe these adorable animals who are ready for action will inspire a film featuring an animal-hero plot line.

1. Wax on, wax off 

via sangent 

2. Surfer dog to the rescue 

via brainz

3. Ready for an underwater mission

4. Bad to the bone

5. Rocky dog

6. Kung fu kitty

7. The bad-guy

8. Blues Brothers

9. "Do I cut the blue wire, or the yellow wire?"

10. Up to no good 

11. Fleeing the scene

via pictify

12. A panda preparation

13. Explosion cat 

14. Squirrel matrix 

15. Jail-bait kitties trying to escape 

16. When in danger...

17. Tough shot 

18. A wild cat chase 

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