Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Celebrity Jorts

Chris Brown

Brown boldly pairs his jorts with business socks and BET awards. He also proudly displays his love of Absolutely Fabulous and Dr. Who with jorts tagged “BBC.” But he’s still a douche, so.


Good use of contrasting denim on denim. Surprising pairing of black belt with jorts — a move that’s definitely not for amateurs.


Maybe the most nontraditional jorts on the list, and certainly an impressive entry.

Danny McBride

Though they’re a bit on the long side for some, these jorts represent an earnest yearning for freedom that can’t be denied. The only jorts for Kenny Powers.

Bill Hader


Paul Rudd

Rudd is a gifted jorts-wearer. He is the Sheryl Sandberg of jorts — he really leans into wearing them. Cocksure and bold, Rudd stretches and preens in his jorts like a prize-winning turkey. Well done.

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