Friday, May 23, 2014

The 6 Best and Worst Breakup Letters We've Seen. Ouch.

Breaking up is never fun. The inevitable truth is that someone is almost always hurt. There are those rare moments where the couple comes to a mutual decision, but most don't end well. Let's be serious for a second. Who isn't scared to crush someone's heart? Sometimes the only way out is the coward's route.

Take these letters as an example. Some are pretty good, but some are brutal. The last one, though, is my kind of breakup. Here are the nine best and worst breakup letters we've seen. Ouch.

1. Here's the question I'm sure we're all asking: What did this person actually like about their significant other?
2. One word: busted. Hey, at least he gets to go on a scavenger hunt...right?
3. When in doubt, draw a giraffe.
4. The definition of bittersweet. Give them a compliment then deliver the dagger.
5. What happens when second graders breakup.
6. If I was ever dumped, this is how I would want it. I'd just drown my sorrows in pizza.

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