Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Hilarious Celebrity Comebacks via Twitter that are Chirpworthy

Twitter is a great way to interact with people you wouldn't normally have the chance of interacting with i.e. famous people, politicians, mayors, journalists etc. Some people actually forget (or don't) that the people they're directing their angry tweets to can actually see them and reply to them; which makes for a very entertaining set of tweets. This is what makes Twitter different from Facebook, the comebacks on Facebook are just as funny (which you can find here) but it's always even funnier to see the humor that celebrities have, as opposed to regular folks like you and I. These tweets are responses from celebrities or influential people to some bitter or resentful tweets and they end up being hilarious. Check them out:

1. Frankie is the man
2. Oh man, that burns doesn't it Piers?
3. And the comedian takes the cake!
4. My Space creator just shut that guy up with all his money
5. Shots weren't only fired in Gaza that day
6. Taco Bell is a sassy little one
7. Smart Cars are actually smart
8. She makes a good point. Probably wipes her tears with sheets of gold
9. This is Olivia Wilde you're talking to. Are you kidding?!
10. Oh man, that's good

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