Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Hilarious "When You See It" Pictures

It takes the brain 0.15 seconds from the moment light hits your retina to the moment an object can be identified, usually. However, sometimes it takes much longer to process an unusual image with limbs that don't belong or images that distort your perception and play eye games on you. These images are hilariously well done and when your brain finally processes what's going on in the image, you'll either laugh or think it to be incredibly clever!

1. Rubber legs
2. He's eaten so many cookies, he now needs some milk
3. This has to be some twin trickery
4. It took me a while, too
5. That's priceless
6. Arms make the worst photobombers (or the best?)
7. Oh. My. God
8. There's no laser hair removal for that
9. Well, it's safe to assume he's a politician
10. Hai there

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