Tuesday, May 20, 2014

14 Unbelievable Security Fails

Security exists to protect something, whether it's a person, item, or something else entirely. There are instances, though, where security completely fails. 

Here are my favorite 14 unbelievable security fails.

Big brother is watching you...
Common sense at work...
Dog. Goat. Same thing.
Hello, I'm a SECUTIRY officer
If you're going to steal my car, you're taking this tree with you!
New form of security: begging
The illusion of security
Because someone can't just undo this, right?
New security hack: use a zip tie to hold together your METAL chain
I can suddenly see everything
If you're afraid of your bike being stolen, just throw more locks on it
The door that shall never be opened
Want to get onto my yard? You have to get through this gate first!

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