Tuesday, May 27, 2014

15 Laughable Fashion Trends From the 80's That Should Never Come Back In Style

Fashion is funny because it comes in waves, what is in and what is out is going to change overnight and before you know it you're wearing an "i'm with stupid" t-shirt and it is no longer okay (but was it ever?). Instead of stressing about what you are wearing today, let's just laugh at past trends from the eighties. 

Have a good laugh quickly, because soon these trends will come back in fashion and everyone will have a mullet again.

1. Yikes 

2. This is an amazing photo shoot 

via s222

3. A keyboard was a classic accessory in the 80's 

4. A family who mullets together stays together 

5. Yodelers

6. Iyiyiyiyi

7. Quite the duo 

8. Ooook...

9. Parrots were also a major accessory in the 80's 

10. Check out those pants 

11. Flock of seagulls doing the 80's right 

12. A very monumental hairstyle 

13. Jazzercise 

14. Leg warmers noooooooo

via imgur 

15. The. best. hair. ever

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