Monday, May 26, 2014

20 Pictures Of Cops Failing Epically

Cops are given a bad rap and some definitely deserve it, though it's always unfair to stroke an entire group of people with the same brush! These fails are hilarious and are a good reminder that cops are human beings too, and human beings are bound to fail and make mistakes at one point or another. Here are some hilarious images of cops failing epically!

1. Citizens watching out for citizens!

2. that's tax money well spent!

3. Someone needs to ticket this cop for parking in an obvious "no parking" zone.

4. Not entirely sure how this happens.

5. He's crying because he's back on bicycle duty now.

6. Cops can't even break in to their own car...wait, why would they need to break into it in the first place?

7. Can cops even get tickets?!

8. She definitely won't catch the criminal in this mess.

9. It's clearly possible to pants yourself.

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10. Oooooh, he got the boot!

11. I'm really curious to see what led up to this moment.

12. It's the simplest of fails that sometimes are the funniest.

13. They need to get a better canine training program.

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14. Oh. My. God.

15. Does logic not exist anymore?

16. "If I believe, I can succeed!"

17. "Umm..can we get some backup, please?"

18. Sometimes cop cars think they're a herd of elephants.

19. They're fighting crime in their sleep, okay?

20. He just really wanted that breakfast sandwich.

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