Saturday, May 24, 2014

23 Hilariously Stupid DIY Inventions That Actually Work

A lot of the time things will break or go missing, and can't be replaced. Or in reality, we are too lazy to go get the materials needed to fix the problem. But what do you know, the solutions to these problems are often right under our noses! Here are some examples of bizarre, but entirely creative DIY inventions.

1. No stove or BBQ? No problem
2. This is genius
3. Hopefully sturdy enough
4. Very clever
5. Probably not safe...
6. Why waste a pan?
7. A quick kitchen sink fix
8. An amazing invention
9. Never eat a stale chip again
10. Just some snowman fun
11. Just knock...
12. Whatever works
13. No need to spend money on a fish tank
14. Sooooo smart
15. Cut the grass twice as fast
16. Problem solved
17. Once again, problem definitely solved
18. Why buy a tablet holder when you have two hammers?
19. Out of toilet paper? No worries
20. Paper clips are more useful than you thought
21. A bed frame aka a bike
22. Wheels are wheels
23. I would say this is not ready for the road quite yet...

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