Thursday, May 22, 2014

25 of the Worst Construction Fails Ever (Part 1.)

I won't sit here and assume that construction is easy. On the contrary, I know it's incredibly difficult. It's laborious while being physically and mentally draining. We all make mistakes, but some are almost unforgivable, like the below construction fails. These fails are of epic proportion. 

I know, stuff happens, but you can't help but be amazed by how miserably these turned out. Here are 25 of the worst construction fails ever. EVER.

Wheelchair Suicide Ramp
Want to escape? JUMP!
We wish to inconvenience you by placing this pole in a completely pointless place
Bridge of pointlessness
I hope you're brave because there's only one way across.
Which door shall you choose?
You shall not pass, citizen, for this gate stands in your way.
Bicycle obstacle course
The contractors want you to go off-roading
When you don't have enough space, just go off the wall. Who cares?
Architect extraordinaire

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