Monday, May 26, 2014

Can You Guess These Celebrities? 18 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos

Prom is a large aspect of growing up and finishing high school, as it usually signifies the end of another school year and the beginning of summer. Attending prom is one of the most general parts of being a teenager, that is why it is so surprising to see celebrity prom photos, because it is a shared commonality between the famous and the rest of us common folk.

Who knows, maybe one day when you are a celebrity someone will be lurking your prom photos!

1. Britney Spears 

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2. Brad Pitt 

3. Usher

4. Ashton Kutcher

5. Jennifer Aniston 

6. Ryan Seacrest 

7. Kobe Bryant and Brandy

8. Will Ferrell

9. Bruno Mars

10. George Clooney 

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11. Bethany Frankel 

12. Jessica Alba 

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13. Jon Hamm 

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14. Lizzy Caplan

15. Fergie 

16. Kim Kardashian and T.J Jackson 

17. Michelle Obama 

18. Ellen DeGeneres 

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