Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LEGO Hacks: 15 Different Ways to Use LEGO in Your Everyday Life

When I look at LEGO, I see something beautiful. It's the epitome of creativity. Heck, it's colorful building blocks meant to build whatever your imagination desires, which is why it's the ultimate thing to be hacked. LEGOs aren't just for building castles, spaceships, and other various toys. You can actually them for real life things, giving it a little flair.

Here are my favorite LEGO hacks: 15 different ways to use LEGO in your everyday life

1. LEGO Bombing

"the art and act of integrating LEGO sculpture into the landscape and cityscape in such a way that the piece adds to the scene."

2. His and Her LEGO Necklace

3. LEGO Key holder

4. LEGO Cuff Links

5. LEGO Knife Block

6. Educational Games

7. Next Level Phone Dock

8. Low Level Phone Dock

9. LEGO Personal Computer Case

10. LEGO Lamp

11. LEGO Furniture

12. LEGO Gift Box

13. LEGO Wedding Rings

14. LEGO Interior Design

15. DIY LEGO Toothbrush Holder

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